Shower Trolleys

Modsel’s mobile shower trolleys are constructed for both patient safety and ease of use by nursing staff, and feature a clean design with durable materials that are ideal for harsh environments.
Modsel have been manufacturing these very durable shower trolleys for over 20 years. Designed and made in Australia.

Aquarius Shower Trolley

Hydraulic height adjustment.
Powder coated stainless steel dropsides and endrails.
SWL 180Kg
– Junior: shorter than standard by 270mm
– Custom liner colours

Aquatuff Shower Trolleys

Height adjustment: hydraulic or electric.
Total stainless steel construction.
SWL 300Kg
– Electric back rest
– Wide top, extra 100mm
– Junior length
– Custom liner colours

Aquatuff Bari Shower Trolley

Bariatric version of the Aquatuff Electric Shower Trolley.
Extra wide top: 400mm wider than standard
Electric height adjustment.
Total stainless steel construction.
SWL 300Kg
Options: electric backrest, custom liner colours

Aqua Change Tables

A purpose built, non-slip change mat built on the same base as any of the above Aquarious and Aquatuff Shower Trolleys.
25mm high density foam core with a heavy duty, welded vinyl cover.
SWL 180Kg (Hydraulic models), 300Kg (Electric models)
– Hydraulic or Electric height adjustment
– Wide and Extra Wide
– Junior length

Replacement Parts

Replacement Liner with pillow for standard, junior and wide models
Replacement Pillow only
Replacement hose
Replacement mattress for Change Table
Replacement battery for electric models

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