UR24 Technology offers innovative external catheter systems designed for men, women, and pediatrics. Their TrueClr product ensures efficient and comfortable urinary management, providing a hygienic solution reimbursable by Medicare.

Meet TrueClr

Introducing the first external catheter system which actively empties the bladder for men, women and pediatrics.

At UR24 Technology, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions for urinary management. Our product range includes the TrueClr External Urine Apparatus (UCA) for both men and women, designed to offer ease, comfort, and dignity. We also provide high-quality aspirators for effective fluid removal in medical settings. Our products are meticulously designed to ensure patient safety and improve quality of life.

Explore our product offerings, read testimonials from satisfied users, and get answers to frequently asked questions to learn more about how UR24 Technology can meet your needs.

Our Product Range

TrueClr Male

The TrueClr Male External Urine Apparatus (UCA) provides ease, comfort, and dignity for urinary management. It’s designed for men to efficiently and hygienically manage urine output, reducing the risk of infections.

TrueClr Female

Similar to the male version, the TrueClr Female External Urine Apparatus offers a comfortable and dignified solution for women, focusing on hygienic urinary management.


UR24 Technology also offers high-quality aspirators designed for effective removal of fluids in medical settings, ensuring patient safety and comfort.

For more information including instructional videos please visit www.ur24technology.com

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