Manufactured in Germany, the Heine brand is synonymous with quality. Renown for their diagnostic equipment, they continue to release new equipment and technology every year, always remaining at the leading edge of the medical field.  Their LEDHQ is a perfect example of this, after years of research, Heine have entered the LED light market.

Halogen lights have been the leading light in the medical field due to their high Colour Rendering Index score, even lighting and the ability to control light intensity. Up until now, LED lights have simply not been able to compete

Introducing the Heine LEDHQ.

The LEDHQ is the first LED to truly rival the halogen. Due to Heine’s extensive research and development, this LED has a Colour Rendering Index of >85. This measures how closely colours are reproduced in comparison to daylight, the closer to 100 the score is, the more accurate the colours are.  Put more simply: Red is red and Blue is Blue.

As you can see on the left, the standard LED causes these hairs to appear overly yellow with shadows created. The Heine LEDHQ keeps the true colour of the hairs with no distortion, blurring or bright hotspots. One the right you can see the bright hotspot a normal LED light creates, compared with the clean and even LEDHQ.

Other LED’s on the market are either on, or off. The LEDHQ however has full intensity control, you can seamlessly dim or brighten your light with no compromise of light quality.

Here at Surgical and Medical Supplies, we sell a broad range of Heine Quality products, many of which include this groundbreaking LED technology.

If you would like to know more about Heine LED technology, please visit their website. For any purchasing enquirers please contact us at: sales@surmed.com.au

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